Here we go, I guess

Time to do this, you guys! I’m going to be a published author. (That’s me using affirmations!) And published authors need websites.

Here’s what’s in the works:

I have a draft of one novel. It’s not a first draft – it’s been through way too much editing for that. But it’s not a final draft either. I’m currently trying to get it to a point where I really love it, and then I’m going to send it out to beta readers to tear apart. Then I’ll edit again and hopefully that will be my final draft and it will be ready for publishing. I plan to self-pub. I don’t know what date I’m shooting for. October? November?

I am currently in the writing stage of a novella that will hopefully be ready to publish 2-3 months after the above novel.

And I am just beginning a short story to be included in a free holiday anthology I’m putting out with a few of my critique partners. We’re shooting for a black Friday release.

All of the above projects are m/m pairings. (Well, the first one is actually m/m/m!) I also have f/f and m/f pairings in the works. No timeline for those, they’re backburner projects right now. I only mention it so it’s clear I don’t plan to limit myself to any particular pairing. I will write whatever I feel like writing!

So here’s my to-do list for August:

  1. Get custom graphics for my website
  2. Finish editing my draft and get it out to betas
  3. Stay on schedule with the current WIP
  4. Write that holiday story!

Wish me luck. 🙂

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